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Check, and Check, & Triple Check!  the Discipline of Member Identity Intelligence 
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The Managed Care Training Manual    The Managed Care Training Manual

The single most effective, affordable and easy to use e-learning application for professionals involved with managed care at all levels! An ongoing resource to easily raise the managed care IQ in any organization. Version 15 has many new features and extensive updates, including a 17 minute Managed Care Primer video, discussing a spectrum of managed care concepts.
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HealthshareTV Editor's Picks   Automating Machine Learning for Prevention Research

NIH Office of Disease Prevention via YouTube: Successful disease prevention will depend on modeling human health as a complex system that is dynamic in time and space and driven by biomolecular and physiologic interactions. The webinar reviews the new discipline of automated machine learning (AutoML), which has the goal of simplifying this process and making machine learning more accessible. Dr. Moore presents an example from human genetics.

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Clinical integration strategies: Considerations in a value-based care world   Understanding Value-Based Contracting

AfPApatientaccess via youtube: Innovation comes at a price, one that health insurers may hesitate to pay. While some patients reap a benefit from breakthrough drugs, others do not. So how can insurers reduce their financial risk and give patients access to the innovative prescription drugs their doctor prescribes?

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